Dannu (Visionaries) - Virgo Summer CD

Dannu (Visionaries) - Virgo Summer CDDannu (Visionaries)
Label: SoulSpazm Records
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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In his teen years, Dannu wrote a lot of poetry. With his love of music and Hip Hop, his interest and transition to writing lyrics was inevitable. Soon he began recording with local producers, both singing and rapping. After years of patience and tenure with the Visionaries and Writer's Block, he emerges as a strong solo artist with the release of Virgo Summer with production by Exile, DJ Rhettmatic, Mr. Brady, GRocka, and additional vocals by Bree of Deep Rooted, Noelle Scaggs, lead vocalist for The Rebirth, Shinehead, Freestyle of Arsonists, Meen Green of Western Hemisphere, JernEye of Lunar Heights, and No Less of Old English. Dannu, a soul infused with virtuous traits such as honesty and loyalty, has the heart of a true poet.

Produced by Exile for Dirty Science (track 2), DJ Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound (4, 10), Mr. Brady (3, 6, 8), G-Rocka for Soul Assassins (1), Diverse (5), D Dash (7), Sakke for Sakmanmusik Finland (9), King Midas for Golden Soul Classics (11), and Dubbknox (12).

1.On The Left
4.She Would Say (feat. Noelle Scaggs (Fitz & The Tantrums) / Jern Eye (Lunar Heights))
5.I Love You
6.Love Music
7.Need to Know (feat. Meen Green)
8.Friends (feat. Bree (Deep Rooted))
9.Summertime (feat. Freestyle (Arsonists))
10.Good Vibes
11.Don't Walk Away

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Summer Jamz, April 3, 2011
By: kayaman - See all my reviews

I picked this up at Paid Dues and DAAAMN this album is on point!!....Siiik production with greats like Rhettmatic, Exile, and Mr. Brady. Dope rhymes, ill beats and samples...Just great all around..I hope Dannu follows up with a second album soon because he shows to be a great solo artists....Check out that Crown Royale album by Rhettmatic and Buff1..nice album too.


Dannu :: Debut Solo Art Opening in a GALLERY All His Own, February 8, 2011
By: KnewBalance - See all my reviews

Danny "Dannu" Reyes, of Los Angeles' Visionaries, steps out on his own and showcases his growth as an artist and, more importantly, as a person in his debut solo album, Virgo Summer. The constellation Virgo is said to be the Greek goddess Astraea who fled earth to remove herself from the wickedness of humanity on earth and thus became associated with justice. Her mythology teaches that she will one day return and bring with her the utopia of the Golden Age. With Virgo Summer, Dannu has certainly ushered in elements of the Golden Era of hip hop, while not making himself irrelevant to music's future. G-Rocka, Red Bull Big Tune Los Angeles semi-finalist, provides urgency, via his futuristic keys and synths, for Dannu's opening track, On the Left. Dannu recollects his history with hip hop On the Left coast, which allows fans, new and old, to get a glimpse into why he does what he does musically. The listener gets a continued glimpse into the life of Dannu, and other southern Californians, atop a playful beat provided by future-legend/producer/emcee, Exile, and, even if only is some small way, "free[s]" the listener; this freedom befitting a musical utopia. Mr. Brady, of San Diego's own Deep Rooted, provides the melodic and hypnotic beat for the album's third track, Pineapple. The first three tracks certainly set the tone for the album, which definitely lives up to anticipation that would accompany the solo efforts of any members of the Visionaries. Honestly, the rest of the album follows suit; each track uniquely respects hip hop's history, expresses where Dannu is as a person/artist, and remains progressive. I would like to refer my readers to the few stand-outs, but each track stands on its own and cohesively meshes with the surrounding tracks on the album. This is an effort that can be enjoyed al-a-carte or played front to back. Everyone should buy at least two copies of this album: one for yourself and one for every adolescent you know so that he/she has that Public Enemy, De La Soul, KRS-One, Pete Rock and CL Smooth type fall-in-love with hip hop moment that we children of the 80's were afforded. I guarantee that this album will not disappoint and will naturally become the summer soundtrack of 2011 for all who wisely purchase it. Peace and Love.

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