Onry Ozzborn - Hold On For Dear Life CD

Onry Ozzborn - Hold On For Dear Life CDOnry Ozzborn
Label: Fake Four
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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Onry Ozzborn is best known as one half of Rhymesayers Entertainment'sNorth Western entry Grayskul, and more recently as being lead emcee for Dark Time Sunshine, his collaboration with producer Zavala. Over the years Onry has collaborated and toured with everyone from Atmosphere and Aesop Rock to Cage and Canibus. With Hold On For Dear Life, Ceschi's Fake Four label presents Onry Ozzborn's final ''solo'' record - a hard hitting yet strangely poppy album of diverse beats and unique thoughts from a truly original voice in hip hop. Featuring Sapient (as well as production) and IAME of Sandpeople plus production by Zavala, Smoke, Bean One and more.

1.Michael Admires You (feat. Sapient)
2.The O.O.
3.All To Herself (feat. Reva DeVito)
4.The Get Away Car
5.That Good (feat. Sapient)
6.Way Out (feat. Maggie Morrison)
7.Best Of All Time
8.Electric Dreams (feat. Thaddeus (of SOTA) / Tilson)
9.Limbo Thus Purgatory (feat. Xperience)
11.Hold Up
12.Nightlife (feat. Candidt)
13.N.W.A. List (feat. PeeGee 13 / Candidt / IAME)
14.Hold On For Dear Life
15.Blend In
16.I Give Up
17.Fake Four

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Yo, NICE!, February 12, 2011
By: AnyStylz - See all my reviews

Onry's best work to date in my opinion, from Dark Time Sunshine albums with Zavala, to his other solo projects, it keeps getting better, it doesn't get worse, fall off? NAH, really? These albums get way and way better every new one that comes out, why ever stop comin out with heat if you're only improving every day and as long as that sun is shining, then nothing can stop the under ground. This album is bad ass and it is supreme as if the almighty himself was listening to the album as it was being made. Its just that nice. Thanks Onry, for the dopeness every time an album u make comes out, the truest of fans will appreciate that 4ever, no matter where they are. All the tracks are the shit but my favorite two are "That Good" ft. Sape and "Hold Up."

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