Machinedrum - Want To 1 2? 2xLP

Machinedrum - Want To 1 2? 2xLPMachinedrum
Label: Normrex
Year: 2011
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl

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Thanks to increasing interest, Machine Drum's 2009 release is now being widely distributed in the US. Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum has produced and composed several albums under various aliases since his first independent release in 1999. His debut Now You Know, was released in 2001 on the influential Miami-based Merck Records under the name Syndrone and gained worldwide attention and praise from musicians, fans and critics. Having a strong background in both acoustic and electronic instrumentation, he dances between both elements on all his releases. This can be heard in the field recording and vintage synth laden Urban Biology to his seminal production and mixing of the This Charming Mixtape with MC Theophilus London. In 2010, Machinedrum released his Many Faces EP on Scottish label LuckyMe. Under the name Sepalcure, he's also released the Love Pressure EP and Fleur EP on Hotflush with friend and collaborator Preveen Sharma- a sound they describe as ''an exploration of chopped up 90s diva house acapellas and wooden sounding snares reminiscent of UK funky and dubstep''. Heavy on dubstep and glitch-hop, this dude is a pioneer in the sub genre! Limited edition comes in this rad holographic cover which you don't really see in the picture but in real life it's the shit!

1.911 (feat. IE.Merge)
2.Let It (feat. Melo-X)
3.Brighty (feat. Denim / Natalie Weiss)
4.Flow Raef
5.Late Night Operation (feat. Theophilus London)
6.Freshkids (feat. Mickey Factz)
7.In The Dust (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
8.Wet Weather
9.Thisgo Ball (feat. Marisa Champoonote)
11.Children of the Ice
12.Para Did (feat. Sarah Ruba / Jaunty)
13.Roll & Feel (feat. Nami Unreal)
16.Bermuda Love Triangle (feat. Addiquit)
19.I Know Your Kind (feat. Jimmy Edgar)
20.Late Night Reprise
21.Jelly Jelly

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