Xczircles / Aamir - Swan Storm / Quiet After 2xCD

Xczircles / Aamir - Swan Storm / Quiet After 2xCDXczircles / Aamir
Label: Ooohh! Thats Heavy
Year: 2010
Price: $7.95
Format: CD

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Double solo album releases and limited pressing from Xczircles and Aamir of Escape Artists! Over the years these two have continued to grow in popularity in the Southern California underground! Their album Coming of Age from last year was also a favorite of mine here at Access! Loaded with guests including Rifleman, Mike Ladd, Thesis Sahib, 2Mex, Big Juss, K-The-I??, Eligh, Aceyalone, Gel Roc, Scarub, Ceschi, Jizzm, Awol One, and Myka 9! With guest producers Edison, Dday One, DJ Bizkid, Joe Dub, Escape Artists regulars DJ Extend, Jan15, Xczircles himself and more! Dope artwork by French artist Albane! Thick 2-Disc packaging! If you're a fan do not miss out! And if you're curious please give these dudes a chance if not for the guest appearances and production clout alone! You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Word!

Produced by - Catsleeph, DJ Extend , Dday One, Edison, Efalive, Flux, Guide Book, Jani5, Joe Dub, Last Soul Descendents, Opra Hashimoto, Quaalude Experiment, Riff Raff, Smokey131, Timmo, Weeda Fresh, Xczircles

Disc 1: Xczircles - Swan Storm
1.Edge Of My Bed
2.Just A Ride
3.Ate Up (feat. Rifleman (Ellay Khule))
5.Toy Video (feat. Mike Ladd)
6.World Round
7.Onni (feat. Wormhole)
9.Correspondence (feat. Ahmuse / Thesis Sahib)
10.The Product
11.Sketch Artist
12.Heavy Handed
13.City Of Lights (feat. 2Mex / Aamir / Bigg Jus / Geneva B / K-The-I???)
14.We Burn The Same
16.Golden Dream
Disc 2: Aamir - Quiet After the Storm
1.The Birth
2.The Difference (feat. Flux / Generous)
3.Contaminated Energy
4.The Owl And The Crow (feat. Eligh)
6.Broken Window (feat. Aceyalone / Gel Roc)
7.Stuck In A Maze
8.The Quiet After The Storm (feat. Flux / Generous / Scarub)
9.Sands Of Time (feat. Ceschi / Cognition / Rifleman (Ellay Khule) / Flux / Gel Roc / Generous / Ivan Ives / Jizzm / Maylay Sage / R)
10.No Destination
11.Together Forever
12.Love Goddess (feat. Myka 9 (Mikah 9))
13.Feel The Sun (feat. Bahati / Natalie)
14.Opposite (feat. Awol One / Xczircles)
15.Oh So Blue
16.The Laughter Within

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