Robust & Pore - Something To Sit On CD EP

Robust & Pore - Something To Sit On CD EPRobust & Pore
Label: Galapagos4
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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The ''Something To Sit On'' EP marks the first in what is sure to be a slew of collaborations by Chicago hip hop veteran Robust and G4 newcomer Pore. It's reminiscent when having dope raps was more important than money or notoriety. A time when being honest and true to yourself was still admired and respected.

The EP is meant to 'sit on' while awaiting Robust's upcoming 2011 full length sequel to 2004's Chicago underground classic 'Potholes In Our Molecules'. Clocking in around 30 minutes, it's onomatopoeia for a ride from Kimball to the Loop on the CTA Brown Line. Production on ''Something to Sit On'' was crafted by Chicago native Pore. After stints on the east coast and in the dirty south, he recently returned to the Windy City with little more than his MPC and a few crates of records. With styles ranging from hard hitting head nodders to soulful original grooves, Pore provides Robust with a dusty sampled backdrop that even the most elitist of beat heads can appreciate.

Never one to stay stuck in a niche, Robust finds himself more comfortable than ever in the pocket of Pore's alternating sound scape. His lyrics serve as a tour guide around Chi town from the average head's perspective, giving outsiders a true glimpse into the modern day struggles and hustles one witness on a daily basis as a Chicago resident. From gang bangers, to poverty, to sarcastic social commentary, Robust proves once again that he continues to grow and improve as an artist with each release.

Together, Robust & Pore tell tales of life in Chicago, from the diverse Albany Park neighborhood on the northwest side of town to a broke man's stroll down the Magnificent Mile. Sprinkled with introspective and comedic interludes, the tracks were placed carefully in transition to create a seamless mix throughout the 15 track EP, encouraging the listener to relax, roll one up, and find something to sit on.

2.High Roller
3.Day By Day
4.Take A Breath
5.Something To Sit On
6.Workin Cheap
7.Dollar Bin Record
8.Lawrence Avenue
9.Magnificent Milestone
10.Out There
14.Tomorrow Comes
15.Next Night

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