All Her Exes - It's Never Over LP

All Her Exes - It's Never Over LPAll Her Exes
Label: Grimm Image Records
Year: 2010
Price: $8.95
Format: Vinyl

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Xololanxinxo, Akuma & Avatar are ''All Her Exes'' - under the pseudonyms of Eddi Extacy, Juan Andameeleon and Robert the Strange. This was a little too bizarre to put into my own words so here's the official story from LA2Thebay: ''Xtina never imagined her love life would be the subject of such scandal and speculation. In her formative teenage years, she distanced herself from the 'easy' girls that put out, wanting nothing to do with the sticky backseat fumblings that ruined reputations. Even in her awkward adolescence she had a certain grace and beauty and no one could see it clearer than Eddie-a boy in her neighborhood whose unrequited love gnawed away at him every day he failed to reveal the depth of his adoration. Despite her sheltered upbringing, Xtina knew what lust was as soon as she felt it throb inside of her when she became infatuated with Robert, the high school troublemaker. Eddie knew that Robert would never appreciate Xtina like he did, a suspicion confirmed the night that Robert left her de-flowered and bleeding in the gymnasium bleachers. Weeks later Juan came into the picture. With sincerity and sensitivity beyond his 17 years, Juan was exactly what she needed, and even though she knew he was the type of young man she would one day marry, part of her still longed for the callous boy that left her behind. Years later, Eddie, Robert and Juan randomly crossed each others paths at a Hollywood nightclub and began reminiscing over the beautiful Xtina and vowed to tell her story the only way they knew how: with music. Nice new wave throwback dance beats with a nice mix of socially conscious and off the wall sexual subject matter. Sure to get the party started!''

Produced by Avatar.

1.Cambodian Ice
2.Rain Water (Reign Water)
3.Eye Candy
4.Erratic Erotic
5.Save Sex
6.Hide the Knives
8.Burn In Desire

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