Lost Children of Babylon - Zeitgeist CD+DVD

Lost Children of Babylon - Zeitgeist CD+DVDLost Children of Babylon
Label: Soul Kid Records
Year: 2010
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Format: CD+DVD

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Zeitgeist: The Spirit Of The Age is the fourth and latest release from Philadelphia based spiritual hip hop group, The Lost Children Of Babylon. Inspired by the popular internet documentary of the same name conceived by Peter Joseph, the album spews anthems for the masses catalyzed by this movement. In addition to the full length audio CD, the package includes a bonus DVD of Peter Joseph's powerful sequel, ''Zeitgeist: Addendum''. The core members of LCOB, Rasul Allah, Cosmic Crusader, Richard Raw and Atun Sen Geb, come stronger than ever while solidifying a new affiliation with Jon Murdock and Lex Starwind of Foundation. Continuing similar themes to those addressed on the last album (The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy), Americans are challenged to think more deeply about how they are affected by the government with the songs ''Revolution Is Now'' and ''Drug Wars''. Inspirational classics like ''The Venus Project'' (inspired by the hugely popular movement of the same name started by visionary Jacques Fresco) and ''2012 (The Mayan Factor)'' suggest a powerful future yet to come.

Disc 1: Zeitgeist: The Spirit Of The Age
1.The Great Depression (feat. Cosmic Crusader / Atun Sen Geb / Rasul Allah)
2.Allah One Mind (feat. Rasul Allah / Lex Starwind / Atun Sen Geb / Richard Raw)
3.Men Behind the Curtain (feat. Tragic Allies / Jon Murdock / Rasul Allah)
4.Skull & Bones (feat. Rasul Allah / Jon Murdock / Lex Starwind / Cosmic Crusader)
5.Babylon AD (feat. Rasul Allah / Vengeance / Lex Starwind / Atun Sen Geb / Jon Murdock / Richard Raw / Cosmic Crusader)
6.Illuminazi (feat. Rasul Allah / Cosmic Crusader / Lex Starwind)
7.Beware the Zeitgeist (feat. Cosmic Crusader / Lex Starwind / Jon Murdock / Rasul Allah)
8.Esoteric Agenda (feat. Atun Sen Geb / Cosmic Crusader / Rasul Allah)
9.Martial Law (feat. Rasul Allah / Jon Murdock / Lex Starwind / Atun Sen Geb / Cosmic Crusader)
10.Drug Wars (feat. Tragic Allies / Cosmic Crusader / Rasul Allah)
11.Shadow Government (feat. Rasul Allah / Lex Starwind / Cosmic Crusader / Jon Murdock / Atun Sen Geb)
12.Fabled Enemies (feat. Lex Starwind / Rasul Allah / Jon Murdock / Cosmic Crusader)
13.The Venus Project (feat. Rasul Allah / Cosmic Crusader / Atun Sen Geb / Emily Clibourn)
14.Revolution In Now (feat. Rasul Allah / Richard Raw / Cosmic Crusader)
15.2012 (The Mayan Factor) (feat. Rasul Allah / Atun Sen Geb / Cosmic Crusader)
Disc 2: Zeitgeist: Addendum DVD
1.Peter Joseph's powerful sequel to his ''Zeitgeist'' documentary film.

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