Shing02 & DJ Icewater - For The Tyme Being 2 CD

Shing02 & DJ Icewater - For The Tyme Being 2 CDShing02 & DJ Icewater
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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The second installment of Shing02 & DJ Icewater's For The Tyme Being series! A definite must for Shing02 fans because it's hard to get a majority of his current projects over here stateside... This features production from Tokimonsta, Tommy Guerrero, Scojourners, Junzo, Mezmetic, CAV3, Tricky, and more... Boom bap from the other side of the map!

Credits by track: (2) produced by CAV3; (3) produced by Chimp Beams; (4) produced by Mezmetic; (5) produced by CAV3; (6) produced by Chimney Swift; (7) produced by Cash Flow of Grand Groove; (8) produced by CAV3; (9) produced by Junzo, scratches by DJ Icewater; (10) produced by Marcus D; (11) original produced by DJ Top Bill; (12) produced by Scojourners; (13) produced by Shing02 & Yamato Kaneko, original version produced by Beatropolis; (14) produced by TOKiMONSTA, original version produced by Bash Brothers; (15) produced by Shing02; (16) produced by CAV3; (17) original version (unreleased) produced by Tommy Guerrero; (18) original version produced by DIY Tokion; (19) produced by Yakkle; (20) produced by G.RINA, guitar by Ian Hutchinson; (21) produced by Tricky; (22) produced by Vandex.

1.Intro by DJ Icewater (shouts by Del the Funky Homosapien)
2.Shing02 - 'Gotta Have Fun (Ice Blend)'
3.Shing02 - 'Aquatrium (demo mix)'
4.Shing02 - 'Rooftop Choreography (Ice Blend)'
5.Shing02 - 'Ameri' (feat. Jern Eye / Myka 9 (Mikah 9))
6.Shing02 - 'Angels and Demons' (feat. CAV3)
7.Shing02 - 'Gala Dress Remix'
8.Seneca - 'War Times' (feat. Shing02)
9.Shing02 - 'Ventilla'
10.Shing02 - 'Parallel World (Remix by LASTorder)'
11.Shing02 - 'Coupling Song (Ice Blend)' (feat. Emi Meyer)
12.Shing02 - 'Hero' (feat. Emi Meyer)
13.Shing02 - 'For the City Yamato Spirit Remix'
14.Shing02 - 'Rock the Spot (TOKiMONSTA Remix)'
15.Shing02 - 'Cruel World' (feat. Danny McEvoy)
16.Kool Keith - 'Brand New Start (Unreleased Track)' (feat. Shing02)
17.Shing02 - 'Agua de Vida (Ice Blend)'
18.Slim Kid Tre - 'Unizon (Ice Blend)' (feat. Shing02)
19.Shing02 - 'Workman'
20.Shing02 - 'Big City Train' (feat. G.RINA)
21.Shing02 - 'This Is Our Time'
22.Shing02 - 'Let's Go Mama' (feat. Vandex / Emi Meyer)

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