Black Sheep - From the Black Pool of... CD

Black Sheep - From the Black Pool of... CDBlack Sheep
Label: Bum Rush Records
Year: 2010
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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Dres returns carrying on the name of the legendary Black Sheep, despite the absence of Mr. Lawnge. The Native Tongues affiliates' A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing is a classic no doubt, and Non-Fiction was a sleeper that fans came to love later with age, but in the late 90's they were absent in the hip hop scene until a barely known EP Red Light, Green Light in the early 2000's. Mr. Lawnge left shortly before the release of the 2006 return 8WM/Novakane. But the reception was not so enthusiastic. But perhaps the best news now is that this brand new release is heat!!! This is a true ''welcome back'' as Dres appears to be in top form. Originally many of these songs were released for digital download only over the summer, but now you can own the official pressed CD! Some great producers were pulled together here to give Dres some amazing support including Showbiz, Psycho Les, and Paten Locke. Felt 3 may have made a tribute to Rosie Perez, but Dres actually has her on the album! ''That is gangsta!'' says our very own DJ Mada. While it wasn't a highlight for me, I thought everything else about this album was excellent from start to finish.

Produced by Showbiz (track 1); UrbanSoul Music Group (2, 5 & 9); Beanone (3, 14 & 15); P. Locke (4, 7 & 11); Tough Junkie (6, 12 & 13); Molecules (8); Psycho Les (10).

1.Splash (Intro)
2.Forever Luvlee
3.Reason to Pray
5.Party Tonight (feat. Jean Grae)
6.Power to the Pih-Poh (feat. Rhymefest)
7.Born to Che
8.Muy Bueno (feat. Rosie Perez)
9.Come Back Home (feat. P & V)
10.Important Fact (feat. Psycho Les)
11.Winner (feat. AZ)
12.Birds of a Feather (feat. Q-Tip / Dave / Mike G.)
13.For the Record
15.Dusk (Outro) (feat. muMs)

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