PND (Poems & Dust) - Dirty Words CD

PND (Poems & Dust) - Dirty Words CDPND (Poems & Dust)
Label: Humble Beast
Year: 2010
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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PND is shorthand for Poems and Dust. Poems has four solo records under his belt plus an extensive catalog as a key member of the group LA Symphony. His booming vocal tone is distinct and easy to recognize. Poems delivers poetic rhymes, just as his name would suggest - but it's his commanding presence on the microphone that animates his lyrics in a captivating fashion. Dust is the main man behind the boards for both Mars Ill and Deepspace5. He has a signature sound that is hard hitting and dusty - again, as his name suggests. Poems and Dust complement each other's styles, with the soulful down south boom-bap created by Dust perfectly seasoned to blend with the essence of Poems as a lyricist. It's Los Angeles meets Atlanta and there's nothing cliche about it. Listen to how the guitars sing along with Poems and echo his words on ''Give Thanks''. Notice the emotional depth of heart-cries like ''Lonestar'', ''Grace'' and ''Dig Deep''. Pay attention to the dangerous funk on ''Listen up'' or the heavy horns and gorilla drums on ''Power To The People''. Be amused by the playful keys and rhymes of ''If You Wanna Know''. Be convinced that this record was meant to be, as the chemistry of Poems and Dust reaches a crescendo with ''Will Not Be Sold''.

Produced by Dust

1.Power To The People
2.Listen Up (feat. Sev Statik)
5.Change (feat. Elias / Speech)
6.If You Wanna Know
7.Man Vs Machine
8.Lone Star
9.Will Not Be Sold
10.Fly (feat. Manchild / Theory Hazit)
11.Give Thanks
12.Dig Deep

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