Various Artists - Empanadas, Climbing Trees CD

Various Artists - Empanadas, Climbing Trees CDVarious Artists
Label: Perceptive Records
Year: 2010
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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I already knew this was gonna be dope, as these guys had previously hooked us up with The Conglomerates 12'' a while back, and I heard that single and loved it and was hoping that Perceptive Records would finally drop something else. Forming in the late 90's DJ/Producer teQnotic, DJ Leebone, DJ IXL, MC's and lyricists PerCepto, Rai Metaphorz, Producer/MC Ebbineeza (Regiment & Pre-Meditated Mind Dust) and others, decided to just take things into their own hands independently. The Queens, NY collective of DJ's, Producer's and Emcee's have been establishing a following of hardcore hip hop heads who appreciate classic boombap along with their own brand of new school as they constantly do shows and get their name out. It reminds me of what it was like to hear the Beatnuts when I was growing up, they have amazing beats, talented emcees, they have fun and just give the New York Underground something a little extra worth fighting for and keeping alive. This is a compilation of sorts and it is all Perceptive Records artists, and overall just a great intro to who these guys are and what they're about. The last third of the album is kind of a megamix of beats, b-boy friendly electronica, breaks, and interlude-like tracks. For fans of Def Jux, Uncommon Records, Holographic Pagoda, Backwoodz Studios and just straight-up good hip hop in general.

Produced by congpleXonome.

1.congpleXonome - 'Shining Pulse Magneto'
2.Youth Magnificent - 'Great Society Buildin... Still A Dream'
3.congpleXonome - 'Rescue 3010'
4.congpleXonome - 'Saving Private Juan'
5.Ebbineeza - 'Zen Expedition'
6.Youth Magnificent - 'Episodes Rehashin'
7.Youth Magnificent - 'Candles Burnin' (feat. Billy Riff / Narcis)
8.congpleXonome - 'Cold City Steel'
9.Dynamo Action Runners (Rugged N Raw, Gnorman Insanate Baites, Syk-O 47, Rai Phormeta) - 'Bless The V
10.congpleXonome - 'Live From The Cong'
11.Youth Magnificent - 'La La Trippy Tokes'
12.Chancho Puerco Y Los Gatos Malos - 'Tres Empanadas En La Cama'
13.teQnotic - 'Metamrphosis'
14.teQ N' Flix - 'Rock Y'all'
15.teQnotic - 'Tribal Psychosis'
16.teQnotic - 'Feel It Fly'
17.teQnotic, perCepto - 'Soul From Me'
18.teQnotic, perCepto - 'Xerxes Gauntlet'
19.teQnotic - 'Curbside Footwork'
20.teQnotic - 'Ring Finger Phobia'
21.teQnotic, Def Daphne - 'Def Daphne Holdin' The A-Train Hostage (Str8 J@ckin' 8th Ave Express)'

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