Circle Empire - Before and After CDR

Circle Empire - Before and After CDRCircle Empire
Label: Hidden Styles
Year: 2010
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Format: CDR

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Hardcore San Diego undergrounders Decimal, 5th Child, Edgar Isreal, Santo Vontez, Golden Gages and more, form to create Circle Empire and featuring previously recorded tracks with late member Moderfire. Be on the look out, this is a collection of tracks past and present that displays thier versatility as they hope to get reacquainted with the local scene after years of hiatus! If you like other hardcore San Diego underground hip hop like Orko, Formula Abstract, Anti-Citizens, Infinity Gauntlet...then don't miss out. Heat!

Produced by Sloth of Hill People (track 1); Skum Bag of Hill People (2); Trust One (3); 5th Child (4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12); Edgr Israel (6, 15); Murky Waters (9); In Goddi We Trust (11); S.I. The Pontif (14); Classic (16).

1.Welcome To Hell (feat. Gages / Decimal)
2.Rum Drunk Pikees (feat. Decimal / Skum Bag)
3.Steady Grip (feat. Murky Waters / Santo Vontez)
4.Eight Straight (feat. Golden Gages / Edgr Isreal / Capital G / Cesar Sanchez / Santo Vontez)
5.Earth Energy (feat. Moderfire)
6.What We See (feat. Santo Vontez / Vatikun MC / Edgr Isreal / Golden Gages)
7.Who Truly Understands (feat. Edgr Isreal / Golden Gages / Capital G)
8.Detonation Xplode (feat. 5th Child / Moderfire)
9.God Forgave Me (feat. Trust One / Edgr Isreal / Decimal / Golden Gages / Murky Waters / Dr. Zarkov)
10.Circle Sound (feat. Santo Vontez / Edgr Isreal / Capital G)
11.Time Tickin (feat. Vatikun MC / Decima)
12.Space Activate (feat. 5th Child / Moderfire)
13.Destiny (feat. Dr. Zarkov / Cesar Sanchez)
14.We Levitate (feat. Santo Vontez / Enigma Ani / Verse 2:51)
15.Rockin Sick Shit (feat. Dr. Zarkov / Mike Tappen / Golden Gages)
16.Celestial (feat. Decimal / Vatikun MC / Golden Gages / Santo Vontez / Cesar Sanchez)

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