Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer CD

Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer CDPigeon John
Label: Quannum Projects
Year: 2010
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Pigeon John is one of hip-hop's most charismatic, prolific and entertaining characters and Dragon Slayer, marks his first solo album since 2006, following up Summertime Pool Party and once again dropping on Quannum Projects. Cultivating his talent at South Central's legendary Good Life Cafe In the early 90's alongside artists like Freestyle Fellowship and Jurassic 5, Pigeon John has often been described as ''one of the best live hip hop performers out there.'' And it's true, the guy brings so much energy and comedy to his shows. Here he displays a little bit of every style he's experimented with over the years, from traditional battle rapper to indie backpacker, with singing, live instrumentation, songs about life, love, and moving on. A long time ago Eligh, Murs and Grouch came up with a little song about women, coining the short lived term ''Dragons'' for the opposite sex as they preached their ballads, and I'd like to thing of this album as a continuation of those trials and tribulations based on the content of Pigeon John's Dragon Slayer. It fits so well. The pavement-pounding rapper and musician is touring the country from coast-to-coast throughout 2010 and 2011 while keeping fans new and old rolling with podcasts, video series, remixes, and more, and don't forget he'll be here at Access on Saturday, November 6th, 3PM!

1.The Bomb
2.Buttersoft Seats
3.Dude It's On
4.Rock Bottom Again
5.Before We're Gone
6.Davey Rockit
7.Hey You
8.So Gangsta
9.To Do List
10.Excuse Me
11.Ben Vereen

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