Von Pea (Tanya Morgan) - Pea's Gotta Have It CD

Von Pea (Tanya Morgan) - Pea's Gotta Have It CDVon Pea (Tanya Morgan)
Label: Interdependent Media
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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For Pea's Gotta Have It, Von Pea reminisces of his days spent in the classrooms and at the lunch tables at Boys & Girls High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. ''My solo album is basically the album I always wanted to make in high school,'' explains Von, who was inspired to make the album after discovering a long-forgotten journal. ''It's a concept album based around high school, around what I thought my album would sound like when I was 17,'' explains Von. ''In a way, it's a goal I'm achieving late. It's music inspired by my coming of age in Brooklyn.'' Despite being the primary producer for his group Tanya Morgan, Von Pea produced only three of the tracks for his solo album. ''I think it's kind of cool; it happened naturally,'' Von says about not handling most of his own production. Similarly, Von's surplus of guests on the album mesh together seamlessly despite their varying styles, largely due to the natural chemistry Von has with everyone on the album. ''The best music comes from artists that have chemistry,'' says Von. ''So the vocal features are all frequent collaborators.''

1.Freestyle Live At Low Key's
2.Breakfast At the Bodega (Skit)
3.The Yorker
4.I Know We're Right (feat. Keisha Shontelle)
5.We Should Be Rocking (feat. Donwill (Tanya Morgan) / Aeson / Lee Sissing)
6.There U Were (feat. Uzoy)
7.Iron Horse (Skit)
8.Thanks For Your Children (feat. Che Grand / Elucid)
9.Good Life
10.Open School (feat. Danny!)
11.Dreams (feat. Jermside / Ilyas / Spec Boogie)
12.Ahead of the Class
13.New Pair (feat. Josie Stingray)
14.Get Violated
16.Pep Rally

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