Mestizo - Elecholo CD

Mestizo - Elecholo CDMestizo
Label: Machina Muerte
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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ELECHOLO (electro-cholo) is a word that has been the topic of discussion for a while now in the California underground scene and is the newest in psycho-synthesized releases from the West Coast benefactor MESTIZO. Now on his senior album ''ELECHOLO'' adds surprising variety to his ''gangster poet'' series of Galapagos4 releases and is a display of common, modern music done uncommon and by MESTIZO standards. By now MESTIZO's fan base understands that he is an individual who enjoys keeping his audience guessing and ELECHOLO does exactly that. This album is no exception to his diverse development as an up and coming artist and the only similarity between ELECHOLO and his previous albums are the distinct variance between styles and emotions. Electronic music is sewn in all over this album, from Dubstep and Electro Breaks to House and Glitch hop not one choice of beat is the same yet they blend perfectly together. Electric, Synthesized, Gangster, Space rap is all the listener will get out of this bizarre album, one that is a true definition of MESTIZO in the moment. This will be MESTIZO's first self released album his new imprint MACHINA MUERTE RECORDS. Featuring Lazor Sword, Mike Gao, Isaiah Toothtaker and more.

Produced by Mike Gao (tracks 1, 5 & 12); Vyle (2); Mestizo (3 & 11); Scott the Scientist (4); Innaspace (6); Nick Sena (7); Lazor Sword (8); Dreas (9); and Kip Killagain (10). All cuts by D-Styles.

2.Lead the Way (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker)
3.Truth Be Told
4.Make Work (feat. Old English)
5.Hollywood Girl
6.No Going Back
7.Certified Hustlette
8.Wind Up Clock
10.Hard To Maintain
11.My Existence (feat. Alex Pathetic / Koncept / Nune)
12.Info Warrior

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It's Mestizo, need I say more?, September 20, 2010
By: chunturo - See all my reviews

This album is really good. Mestizo comes correct with nice lyrics and matches up his cadence to the various sounds. I am impressed yet again. The ability to continue to advance is too often missed by many of today's mc's who bring the same ish over and over... Mestizo does the exact opposite. Much respect to Mestizo for giving us another gem!

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