Main Source - Breaks the Atom 2xLP

Main Source - Breaks the Atom 2xLPMain Source
Label: Actual Records
Year: 2010
Price: $21.95
Format: Vinyl

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Actual Records presents Breaks The Atom, the extended reissue of the debut album from Main Source. The original full length Breaking Atoms is one of the most influential albums in Hip Hop history thanks to the virtuoso production of frontman/rapper Large Professor, whose heavy, and then, original, use of sampling has influenced Hip Hop producers to this very day. The album also sports the smash singles ''Looking At The Front Door'' (here mis-titled as ''Out''), ''Peace Is Not The Word To Play'' and most notably ''Live at the Barbeque'' featuring the break out debut of Hip Hop superstar Nas. Breaks The Atom includes the original 11 tracks and adds the heavily bootleged pre-album 12'' singles ''Think'' and ''Hellivision.'' The double LP also boasts the first two cuts off the shelved sophomore album The Science, ''How My Man Went Down In The Game'' and ''Fakin' The Funk,'' this demo version offers different lyrics and vocal takes than the more common remix that appears on the White Men Can't Jump soundtrack.

1.Snake Eyes
2.Just Hangin' Out
3.Looking Out The Front Door
4.Large Professor
5.Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball
6.Scratch & Kut
7.Peace Is Not The Word To Play
8.Vamos A Rapiar
9.He Got So Much Soul (He Don't Need No Music)
10.Live At The Barbeque (feat. Nas / Akinyele / Joe Fatal)
11.Watch Roger Do His Thing
12.Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Revisited)
14.How My Man Went Down In The Game
15.Hellivision (Large Professor Vocal Mix)
16.Fakin' The Funk (feat. Need The Exotic)

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