Various Artists - Tru Thoughts Compilation CD

Various Artists - Tru Thoughts Compilation CDVarious Artists
Label: Tru Thoughts Recordings
Year: 2010
Price: $4.95
Format: CD

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Latest Tru Thoughts compilation and very nicely priced! Bringing together some of the most popular songs on the Tru Thoughts catalog and a sprinkling of timeless instrumentals, from world-respected acts including Quantic, Bonobo, Alice Russell, Nostalgia 77, Belleruche, Hot 8 Brass Band and Stonephace (featuring the Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley), the compilation is packed with quality. Alongside these Tru Thoughts signings, past and present, you'll also find an impressive roll call of guest artists, including rising UK soul singer of the moment Andreya Triana (Ninja Tune). Once again, as with other compilations on the label this is a perfect introduction to the what they do if you haven't ever checked 'em out.

1.Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - 'The Dreaming Mind (Part 1)'
2.Kylie Auldist - 'In A Week, In A Day (Ashley Beedle's Streetsoul Edit)'
3.Flevans - 'Lay Back (Regal Mix)' (feat. Sarah Scott)
4.Belleruche - 'The Itch (Acoustic Version)'
5.Bonobo - 'Kota'
6.Quantic - 'Time Is The Enemy'
7.TM Duke - 'Pencils For Dolphins'
8.Nostalgia 77 - 'Quiet Dawn (Bonobo Mix)' (feat. Beth Rowley)
9.Natural Self - 'The Rising (Broken Keys Remix)' (feat. Andreya Triana)
10.Kinny - 'Afro Love Forest' (feat. Hint)
11.Milez Benjiman - 'Chop That Wood'
12.Lizzy Parks - 'Forever And A Day (Eric Lau Remix)'
13.The Bamboos - 'I Don't Wanna Stop (Acoustic Version)'
14.Alice Russell - 'Sweet Is The Air' (feat. Natureboy)
15.Stonephace - 'Yellow Brick Road' (feat. Adrian Utley (Portishead))

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