SPAM (Holiq & Mannyfesto) - Less Is More CD EP

SPAM (Holiq & Mannyfesto) - Less Is More CD EPSPAM (Holiq & Mannyfesto)
Year: 2010
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Holiq and Mannyfesto were roommates in North County San Diego 2007. Manny featured Holiq on his full length solo album titled FE means Faith (2008) on a song called ''Cali Roll'' produced by Stel72. After getting on Mannyfesto's inspiring album the Hip Hop scene begged for more Holiq and Mannyfesto. With a batch of beats from a deejay Holiq knew by the name of Dj Taze (Beatclinic), Holiq decided to shoot it to 'Festo to see what he thought about a few songs. Manny ended up liking the whole batch and they ended up recording the whole album in a few months. After a breakfast of spam, eggs and rice they agreed to name their movement after the processed can food that gets opened every four seconds and is as american as apple pie. Spam is a Hormel food product that gets manufactured here in the U.S and is huge in the Pacific Islands (Guam, Hawaii, Etc.) They wanted it to be more of an ''In your face!'' statement then instantly an acronym was assembled: Serving People American Meat. Holiq is Guamanian where spam is very popular amongst Pacific Islanders and Manny liked the social and political connotations of this canned processed american food and the acronym they came up with. Mannyfesto is Chicano of Mexican descent and Holiq from Guam so they each have a unique perspective on the struggles to make it out here in the United States of America and they decided to share with the people what it's like living here through Hip Hop. This is how S.P.A.M came to be and the group is already wrapping up the second album produced entirely by Columbus, Ohio sensation Choz1n, called ''Gourmet.'' Now the group is currently looking to start working on the third installment from these southern California emcees who plan to deliver S.P.A.M albums annually every summer.

1.The Real
2.Rockstarz (New Years 2008)
4.Spam the Traveling Band
5.It's About Time
7.Ill Legal Aliens
8.Just Be...

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Dope project!, August 19, 2010
By: manufact - See all my reviews

Big up to S.P.A.M. for dropping this dope little project. Really fresh rhymes comin' from these two SD locals (Holiq & Mannyfesto), plus to top it off you got a bunch of sick beats and cuts laid down by DJ Taze. Don't forget to peep out the hidden track too! I also got a free mix CD with my purchase by DJ Deprave & Mannyfesto. Definitely worth checking out...

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