Sole & Ravi Zupa - The Pyre (includes book) CD

Sole & Ravi Zupa - The Pyre (includes book) CDSole & Ravi Zupa
Label: Black Canyon
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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The Pyre is a collaboration between Tim Holland aka Sole and Ravi Zupa: a 72-page illustrated epic poem with an accompanying full-length (14 tracks) ''audiobook'' album. The pair evokes the confusion, violence and hope of 12,000 years spent digging in the mud. Holland's far-reaching story of civilization is told in the language of ancient myth and draws on Keats, Villon, Debord, Byron and The Epic of Gilgamesh. The poem touches on everything from work, time, human interaction, invention, progress and ethics, expressing the eternal theme: ''The only craft we have perfected is the ungentle one.'' The visual inspiration for The Pyre comes from the persuasive art of propaganda as it appears throughout history. Zupa's series of original drawings adds another dimension to the text using familiar styles from the German Renaissance, Japanese block art, religious iconography from Europe, Asia and pre-Columbian South America, and 20th-century revolutionary propaganda. The CD is a cross between an audiobook, a Herzog soundtrack and an instrumental album, and features 14 tracks recorded on an analog eighttrack and computer. Continuing in the vein of the critically acclaimed Mansbestfriend series, the would-be instrumental sections merge with the narrative and draw the listener into the beautiful and chaotic world that is The Pyre.

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