Black Spade - Build and Destroy (promo) CD

Black Spade - Build and Destroy (promo) CDBlack Spade
Label: Union Los Angeles & The Smoking Section
Year: 2010
Price: $5.95
Format: CD

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Build and Destroy is the first, and last, mixtape release by St. Louis emcee/producer/vocalist, Black Spade, mixed by Trackstar the DJ and presented by Union LA & The Smoking Section. The project is Spade's first solo release since 2008's ''To Serve With Love,'' and has been in the works since then. ''Build and Destroy'' is mixed by Trackstar the DJ of the influential blog The Smoking Section and includes new production by Black Spade himself, with guest spots from familiar Spade comrades Coultrain, Vandalyzm, El Prez, Rockwell Knuckles, Vic Mensah and Wafeek, among others.

Promo copy played in our store. CD & cover insert in a clear plastic sleeve. Excellent condition.

Produced by Stevie Wonder (track 1); Dorthy Ashby/Stoneyrock (2 & 3); Stoneyrock/The Beatles (5); Stoneyrock/Gene Harrris (6); Stoneyrock/Ramsey Lewis (7); J Davey (8); Stoneyrock/Billy Cobham (9); Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (10); Dorthy Ashby (11); Stoneyrock (12, 13, 15 & 16); Onra (14); J1 (17); Ced No (18).

1.Build and Destroy Intro (feat. Cory Black / C. Destinee Reign)
2.Build and Destroy (feat. Coultrain)
3.Breakthrough (feat. Rockwell Knuckles / Vic Mensah)
4.Enemies Frienemies (feat. Rita J. / Adad)
5.I Heart (feat. Simeon / Vic Spencer)
7.N*gga Ray Leonard
8.New U
9.Untitled (feat. Coultrain)
10.Fall In Love
11.Presence of You (feat. Seymor Liberty)
12.Running Gunning
13.The Cool Out
14.Planet Rock (feat. Coultrain)
15.New African
16.Da Art of Storytelling Pt.IV
17.Ship Has Sailed (feat. Wafeek)
18.As We

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