Shawn Jackson - Lil Big Man (clear vinyl) 12" Single

Shawn Jackson - Lil Big Man (clear vinyl) 12" SingleShawn Jackson
Label: Tres Records
Year: 2010
Price: $6.95
Format: Vinyl

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Tres Records presents the first 12-inch from Shawn Jackson's album, ''Brand New Old Me.'' His previous solo album ''First of All'' created quite a buzz, especially with strong tracks such as ''Feeling Jack.'' It's been 2 years since that release, so the time has come for him to make more noise and show his brand new old self. Jackson, also known for his work with Alex Newman (Giant Panda) in forming the group New Jacket Hustle, has been constantly putting in work. The latest of his project is the ''Hollywood Shuffle Mixtape,'' which has been feeding the fans for the meantime. The main course is finally ready to be served! The 12 inch contains two tracks, titled ''Lil Big Man'' ft. John West (Prod. By Cook Classics), and ''Fruit Salad'' (Prod. By Beat Maker Beat). They both provide listeners a prime example of how diverse the songs range from throughout the album. From up tempo rhythms and smoothed out melodies to non sample based and sample based production, Shawn Jackson displays his rhyming abilities through various styles that are sure to attract the masses. Limited pressing, on CLEAR VINYL!

1.Lil Big Man (feat. John West)
2.Lil Big Man (Instrumental)
3.Fruit Salad
4.Fruit Salad (Instrumental)

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