Various Artists - The Real Sound of Chicago 2xCD

Various Artists - The Real Sound of Chicago 2xCDVarious Artists
Label: BBE Music
Year: 2010
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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Disc 1
1.Premonition - 'Your Love Is In the Pocket'
2.Loveship - 'Love So New'
3.Larry Houston - 'Promise (Instrumental)'
4.LaJohn & Sheela - 'Too Far Gone'
5.Yohon - 'B.T. (Boogie Terrestrial)
6.Billy Hinton - 'A Challenge'
7.Maxx Traxx - 'Don't Touch It'
8.On Stage - 'Hooked On Your Love'
9.Sidney Thomas - 'Look Let's Make Love'
10.Bilalian Express - 'Disco Nights'
11.Martin L. Dumas - 'Attitude, Belief & Determination'
12.Ghalib Ghallab - 'School Days (Mr. Peabody's Edit)'
Disc 2
1.Expo - 'Road To Sunshine'
2.Gregory James - 'Happy Baby'
3.Carmen Amez - 'Never Gonna Fall In Love Again'
4.Tomorrow's People - 'Open Soul'
5.The Moore Brothers - 'Bass Come Back'
6.Lonnie Givens - 'Runnin To A Disco (Mr. Peabody's Edit)'
7.Esquires - 'What Good Is Music'
8.Synergy - 'Can You Feel It' (feat. Jimmy Tillman)
9.Brighter Side Of Darkness - 'The Disco Ball'
10.Fantasie - 'The Composer (Mr. Peabody's Edit)'
11.Cheryl Berdell - 'Fall In Love'
12.Cold T - 'Funky Preacher (Mr. Peabody's Edit)'

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