John Robinson+LewisParker - International Summers CD

John Robinson+LewisParker - International Summers CDJohn Robinson+LewisParker
Label: Project Mooncircle
Year: 2010
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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International Summers is an ode to the traveling person, and with his reinvigorated life in hip hop there is much to tell and still plenty to learn everywhere you go in this world. Perhaps a brief history to help you understand this a little more. John Robinson has been on a roll in the last few years and has found a home on the UK based label Project Mooncircle. Since releasing the Leaked Edition Vol. 2 on Shaman Work Recordings in 2006 under his given name as he calls it, the man also known as Lil Sci of late 90's underground group Scienz of Life, suddenly found new meaning and new fans. This made way for guest appearances and plenty of solo albums to come, despite the fact that his long and often hard journey as an emcee started in mid 90's New York City. Being embraced on a much larger scale so late in the game has to feel great for Sci and it certainly does for longtime fans like myself. In 2008 he had a collaboration as Lil Sci with Carlos Nino on What's The Elevation once again with Shaman Work Recordings, and a Fat City Records release I Am Not For Sale that same year, which featured production by Flying Lotus, J Rawls, and Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who Dat. The doors kept opening up, late in 2008 Project Mooncircle handled the international release of Who Is This Man, featuring production entirely by MF Doom, High Water Music handled the 2009 US release. Also that year, he and J Rawls combined to form Jay Are on the 1960's Jazz Revolution Again project, which slipped by most as it was independently released by Rawls. Extending their hand also in late 2009 was Project Mooncircle for a brand new Scienz of Life album Leviathan-Break the Spell, that was true to its roots. Which brings us to 2010 with his one emcee/one producer one-two punch with Lewis Parker on Project Mooncircle. I've been hearing reviewers mention the throwback Golden Era sound from Lewis Parker but failing to mention his involvement also included double duty, taking on emceeing on several tracks. Overall another solid 2010 release! H-E-A-T!

Produced by Lewis Parker

1.Summer Begins
2.International Summers
3.Planes Trains Automobiles (feat. StaHHr / Cymarshall Law / 4RCE)
4.Holiday Songs (feat. Renee Neufville)
5.Harlem River Drive (feat. Angelz INC.)
6.Warrior Princess
7.Godz ILLA (feat. East Koast / Tah Born / I.D. 4 Windz / Dynas)
8.Dues Paid
9.Ebony Godfathers
10.Views and perspectives in sound (feat. I.D. 4 Windz / Dynas)
11.Enter the Cosmos
12.Dangerous Love Affair
13.Summer Ends

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