Trek Life - Everything Changed Nothin CD

Trek Life - Everything Changed Nothin CDTrek Life
Label: Mello Music Group
Year: 2010
Price: $4.95
Format: CD

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Trek Life is seemingly one of Los Angeles most best-kept secret... that is, if he weren't so damn popular. He spits, hosts, spins, and throws events out there. In his latest album, he enlists his long time friend, Oddisee to provide him a serene yet hard as hell soundscape. Oddisee provides the soundtrack for entire project, except for one track by Hudson Mohawke. Also along for the journey is Oddisee's hometown Washington DC homie, Oliver Daysoul. This new vocal powerhouse has been making an extremely large noise, especially with his work on producer Onra's ''Long Distance,'' and accompanied by the cuts of LA veteran DJ Buddy. You can't lose on this album, it's got that smooth stuff to bob the head to and the hard hitting tracks that will make it hard to not get down... If this is Trek Life's everything... then it's damn hard to believe that this is going to change nothing...

Produced by Oddisee, cuts on tracks 5, 6 & 10 by DJ Buddy.

1.Ready to Live (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
2.Still Never Rains (feat. J.Bizness / Audio Live / Skeem Price)
3.As The World Turns (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
4.Everything Changed Nothing (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
6.What It Is
7.Due West
8.So Supreme
9.I'd Rather Be (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
10.So LA
11.Jump Out There
12.Might Sound Crazy (feat. Audio Live / Oddisee / Ralph Real)

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