Serum - Brainstorm Troopah CD

Serum - Brainstorm Troopah CDSerum
Label: Tyranno Serum Records
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Released in 2009, Serum is a Miami native and longtime friend of hardcore MC Apakalypse, he's even had guest appearances on several releases. Serum has an unmistakable voice and flow that you are sure to never forget after hearing him. He's not as heavily involved with the hardcore style as Apakalypse, but he is a highly skilled lyricist and just about everything on this album smashes anything you previously thought about hip hop and rap coming out of Miami. An excellent backdrop of beats is provided by the likes of Climber, Stijn Beats, Stereo Phlyer and more, all complimentary to Serum's unique style. It's late 90's, it's golden era, it's true school and new school all wrapped in one. Slept on!

1.Guerilla Monsoon
2.Two Ton
3.Ear Drumming
4.Field Negro (Instrolude)
5.Soul Manipulation (feat. Self the Soulfuric)
7.Black Orchid
8.Crash Planet
9.Brainstorm Troopah
10.5 Years Left (Instrolude)
11.Stop-Watch (feat. SoloMan Spectrum)
12.Maniac Depressant
13.Ronin (Instrolude)
14.Hammerhead Tactics
15.Melting In The Pot
16.Afterwords (Instrolude)
17.Ichabod Cranium

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Classic album!, June 12, 2010
By: Pollo Loco - See all my reviews

Copped it on another site, but this has been my ish since it dropped last year. Dope beats, sick rhymes, and some dope content that i aint hear in a while from an underground rapper. Peep my nigga Serum, glad to see more 305'ers on Access!

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