Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai LP

Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai LPArthur Verocai
Label: Luv N' Haight
Year: 2003
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Format: Vinyl

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In 1972 a repressive Brazilian military dictatorship frowned on artistic impression that might influence the youth of the country. However, producer, arranger and guitar player Arthur Verocai released a self-titled album on Brazilian based Continental Records that challenged the musical conventions of the day. His subtle protest experimented with new musical directions, and used figurative language to sneak under the censorship radar. In 2003 Luv N'Haight records re-issued this rare release, which subsequently went out of print. Now in 2010 the name of Arthur Verocai is beginning to get wider recognition, and the album has been once again re-issued.

Verocai will appeal to fans of the folksy soul and lo-fi electronic experimentations of American artists like Shuggie Otis or the orchestration of producer Charles Stepney. Closest Brazilian comparisons would be to Tim Maia and Jorge Ben. This unique recording has a touch of folk, more than a hint of funk, jazz style soloing, amazing 20 piece string arrangements, blending of electronics and keyboards with organic sounds, and superb soundtrack style music. ''I used to listen to Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, Stan Kenton, Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Web, Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans and Miles Davis, Milton Nascimento, Bossa Nova, among others,'' explains Arthur Verocai. ''In Brazil we had many musical influences, and by that time there wasn't a hegemonic one in the market. In this way my album reflected a search and musical experimentation. I was in an adventurous mood on this album and that led me to explore new melodic, harmonic and rhythmic paths.''

2.Pelas Sombras
4.Presente Greco
5.Dedicada A Ela
7.Na Boca Do Sol
8.Velho Parente
9.O Mapa
10.Karina (Domingo No Grajau)

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