Shawn Lee - Sing A Song 2xLP

Shawn Lee - Sing A Song 2xLPShawn Lee
Label: Ubiquity Records
Year: 2010
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl
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In addition to showcasing a love for 1960s and 1970s soul, Shawn Lee also steers his latest musical mystery tour into psychedelic and cinematic territory over the course of 12 brand new cuts. Sing A Song is like a breezy summertime mixtape, packed with catchy motor city licks and space age songs that Lee built from scratch with each collaborating vocalist in mind. Inviting vocalists from as far afield as Kansas City, Los Angeles, London, Detroit and New York, Lee's latest album features Princess Superstar, artist Paul Fryer, and blind street performer Robert Bradley. During recording Lee had to be admitted to hospital for an emergency appendix operation, just a few days after his wife gave birth to their second girl. But the musical drive in Mr Lee is so strong there's always time to Sing a Song.

1.Shut Up And Learn (feat. Fanny Franklin)
2.It Takes Two (feat. Marcus Malone)
3.Who Are You? (feat. Bing Ji Ling)
4.Fade Up (feat. The Superimposers)
5.I'll Just Wait A While
6.Fading Light (feat. Lord Large / Robert Bradley)
7.Older (feat. Miles Bonney)
8.Swimming Pool
9.Don't Let That Feeling (feat. The Superimposers)
10.Lucy Lucy (feat. Jeremiah)
11.Christopher Walken on Sunshine (feat. Princess Superstar)
12.Meadow in the Summer (feat. Paul Fryer)

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