Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up LP

Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up LPCeschi
Label: Fake Four
Year: 2010
Price: $13.95
Format: Vinyl

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Long awaited third album from the always versatile Ceschi Ramos! This is an artist who has continued to shape his style and image over the years from his involvement with other projects like Toca alongside brother David, to experiments like crunk rapping in Knuck Feast, and hardcore metal in Dead By Wednesday. The New Haven, CT, multi talented artist and instrumentalist has also proved over the years to be quite the performer with so much energy and passion on stage, as he jumps from long winded fast raps, to busting out an acoustic guitar and accapella-ing. This is where I feel the One Man Band concept really came from. As a story, the author must also write what he knows, and making music, touring, starting his own Fake Four label is all stuff that Ceschi knows. Produced entirely by Berlin's DJ Scientist, the two are said to have shared an interest in rare psychedelic records from the 60's and 70's, which helps as there is everything on here to complement that bond from the dirtier hip hop to funky folk-hop: it is all around an abstract experience. Over the course of the album you never get the same personality on every track. All of Ceschi's sides come out over the diverse beats andsubtler moments utilizing his own instrumentation. Featuring guest appearances from Sole, Astronautalis, Radical Face, 2econd Class Citizen, Cars & Trains and (icon the) MiC K!NG.

Produced by DJ Scientist. Backing vocals by Astronautalis on track 3. Additional instruments by Ceschi (guitar, bass, organ and synth on 3, guitar, bass, synth, banjo and ukulele on 4, guitar, violin, glockenspiel on 10). Additional instruments by Max Heath (piano and accordion on 4 & 10, steel pan on 10). Additional drums by 2econd Class Citizen on 5. Backing vocals by Tommy V on 6. Additional guitar, piano and bass by Ben Cooper aka Radical Face on 13. Additional vocals by Max Heath, Tom Filepp aka Cars & Trains, and Madeleine Johnston on 13.

1.The One Man Band Broke Up
2.Half Mast
3.No New York
4.Lament for Captain Julius
5.Fallen Famous
7.Serious Business
8.Hangman (feat. Shoshin / iCON the mic king / David Ramos)
9.Bad Jokes
10.For My Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes
11.Long Live (The Great Short Lived) (feat. Sole)
12.Swallowed Salt
13.Julius' Final Song

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