Junk Science - A Miraculous Kind Of ... CD

Junk Science - A Miraculous Kind Of ... CDJunk Science
Label: Modern Shark
Year: 2010
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Hell yeah! Junk Science is back and they haven't missed a beat! Brooklynites Baje One and DJ Snafu unleash A Miraculous Kind Of Machine over two years in the making since Gran'dad's Nerve Tonic, which was one of my favorite albums of 2007. The new album doesn't break the formula of what has worked, Snafu keeps those drums heavy and yet still funky enough for you to get lost in while Baje One's flow also keeps you in a head nodding trance with battle lyrics to boot and the introspect to keep it interesting while still having fun. I feel like I wrote a book about their last album blowing me away, but they've made it easy for me this time to also safely say that this is another contender for my personal top picks of 2010 so far! Featuring guest appearances by fellow Nuclear Fam members Scott Thorough and Tone Tank of Iller Than Theirs and frequent guest and collaborator Cool Calm Pete! You can also throw the disc in your computer and nab the instrumentals just like they offered with their last album!

1.The Syllabus
2.Fire Drill
3.Cark Kent
4.Really, Man
5.The Important Thing
6.Monty Flython (feat. Scott Thorough)
8.I Want To Speak To You
9.Millins (feat. Cool Calm Pete)
10.Words From the Boro Prez (feat. Tone Tank)
11.No Matter Rap
12.Steel Will (feat. Cavalier)
13.You Don't Like Music
14.First Snow
15.Running Shoes
16.Miraculous Machines (Linda Gold) (feat. Gene Stoval)

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