Madlib - Brain Wreck Show CD

Madlib - Brain Wreck Show CDMadlib
Label: Madlib Invazion
Year: 2010
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Part 6 of the Madlib Medicine Show is his psych-prog-avante-freak-out-funk rock mix, Brain Wreck Show. Madlib's been pegged as a ''jazz guy'' as far back as 2000, when he - as his alter ego Quasimoto - released the song ''Jazz Cats.'' Not to mention the Yesterdays New Quintet releases, the recent Miles Away, and so on. Nevertheless we're told he actually gravitates more to the rock side of the spectrum. That's late 60s to late 70s psych-prog-avante-freak-out-funk rock mind you; from the Tropicalia of Brasil to the Krautrock of Germany to the fuzzy sonds of mid 70s Nigeria, the Beat Konducta's rock tastes know no bounds. This - an introductory mix entitled the Brain Wreck Show (admission, he wrote on the CD master, ''One Brainticket'' - an homage to one of his favorite Krautrock bands) - should serve to give its listeners a delightfully freaky funked up experience into the rock side of Madlib's collecting conscious.

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