Carlos y Gaby / GB - Los Angeles 5 of 10 10" EP

Carlos y Gaby / GB - Los Angeles 5 of 10 10" EPCarlos y Gaby / GB
Label: All City Records
Year: 2010
Price: $13.95
Format: Vinyl

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Reaching the halfway point in the series we take it down a notch to usher in the summer with Carlos Nino, Gaby Hernadez & GB. Carlos Nino is one of LA's musical driving forces -- organizer, producer, arranger, composer, radio dj - spanning the whole musical gamut from hip hop, modern classical to folk and ambient. He has worked with Dwight Trible, seminal jazz group Build an Ark, MC John Robinson (Lil Sic) and released records via Ninja, Kindred Spirits, Alpha Pup amongst others. The three tracks here are an expansive collaboration between himself and vocalist/keyboard player Gaby Hernandez. Three tracks forming as one, the pair describe it as a soundtrack to a sci-fi fantasy that existed in conversations and thoughts between them. Keeping it otherworldly on the flip side GB gives us Sketches of Crop Circles a breathtaking three part track spanning 9 minutes. Involved in the seminal LA/Long Beach Sound in Color label GB has worked with Steve Spacek, Daz I Kue, King Britt amongst others. His recent reinterpretations EP showed, like Nino, he's a master of many styles and he is without doubt one of the LA underground's best kept secrets. Super Sharp Snapper B+ comes correct on the cover of course!

1.Carlos y Gaby - 'Happy Summer Solstice'
2.Carlos y Gaby - 'In The Whirl Emote'
3.Carlos y Gaby - 'Sugar Flowers'
4.GB - 'Sketches of Crop Circles pt1 - The Gallops'
5.GB - 'Sketches of Crop Circles pt2 - Personal Creation'
6.GB - 'Sketches of Crop Circles pt3 - Harmonic Co-ordination'

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