Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin 2xLP

Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin 2xLPVinnie Paz
Label: Enemy Soil
Year: 2010
Price: $27.95
Format: Vinyl

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Re-issue in 2014 (was out of print since 2011).

For almost two decades now Vinnie Paz has easily been the most recognizable and galvanizing figure in Hip Hop's underground. His work with Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs has been hailed as revolutionary and violently conscious and his presence is unmatched. Paz's greatest strength lies in his diversity - he is as equally at ease writing brutal, grimy raps as he is constructing poignant, insightfully personal verses and it is that ability combined with a deep, metaphysical intellect and the sickest deliveries, that keeps Vin at the forefront of innovation. 20 years have not been enough to mellow the Pazmanian Devil. There is still enough injustice, sickness, and social unrest in the world to fuel Vinnie. Now with the debut of Vinnie's first ever solo project, Season of the Assassin, the world gets a chance to view the MC in a different realm, as he steps outside his usual JMT/AOTP mold. Not only is Vinnie in true lyrical form on Season, he has also teamed upwith some superb talent. Beanie Sigel, Clipse, Freeway, Paul Wall, Ill Bill, RA The Rugged Man, and others. Production was held in the palms of some legendary hands: DJ Muggs, Madlib, Lord Finesse, Da Beatminerz, Lil' Fame, and more lend their talents to Paz's monumental new album.

Producers include DJ Muggs, Madlib, Lord Finesse, Da Beatminerz, Lil Fame (MOP), MoSS, 4th Disciple (Wu-Tang), Bronze Nazareth, DJ Kwestion, Shuko and more.

2.Beautiful Love
3.Monster's Ball
4.Pistolvania (feat. Freeway / Jakk Frost)
5.End of Days (feat. Block McCloud)
6.Righteous Kill
7.No Spiritual Surrender (feat. Sick Jacken)
8.Street Wars (feat. Clipse / Block McCloud)
9.Ain't Shit Changed (feat. Lawrence Arnell)
10.Aristotle's Dilemma
11.Kill 'Em All (feat. Beanie Sigel)
12.Keep Movin' On (feat. Shara Worden)
13.Brick Wall (feat. Ill Bill / Demoz)
14.Role of Life
15.Nosebleed (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man)
16.WarMonger (feat. Paul Wall / Block McCloud)
17.Paul and Paz
18.Bad Day
19.Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
20.Drag You To Hell
21.Same Story (My Dedication) (feat. Liz Fullerton)

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