Life Long & Black Sparx - The Waiting Game CD

Life Long & Black Sparx - The Waiting Game CDLife Long & Black Sparx
Label: Domination Recordings
Year: 2010
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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L.I.F.E. Long and Black Sparx met each other in New York from a mutual friend in the late ninety's and then regrouped in Brooklyn, New York in 2005 when L.I.F.E. was recording for his lp Cuts and colabos part 2. L.I.F.E. and Black Sparx began crafting music together and before they knew it ''The Waiting Game'' was spawned. ''The Waiting Game'' touches on the struggles of a New York artist making his way through the hip-hop game, as one door closes and waiting for another to open. This album represents love, pain, struggle and also that classic L.I.F.E. Long word play with Black Sparx on production. L.I.F.E. Long and producer Black Sparx put together a classic hip-hop LP, reminiscent to that retro sound that hip-hop listeners fell in love with! Packed with guest features like, DJ JS-1, reggae sensation MELODIC, female artist Impress Stahhr from Atlanta, Chicago's own Iomos Marad, Peverted Monks Respect Da God and Brooklyn's own Rich Porter and Long Island's finest Elohem Star, this album is truly a not to be missed and is definitely worth the wait!

Produced by Black Sparx

2.As the Sand Sinks
3.Veteran (feat. DJ JS-1)
4.Brand New Day (feat. Preacherman / Hastyle Da Barber Artist / Rashan I-Roc)
6.Crack In Da Booth (feat. Rich Porter)
7.Get Up Off It (feat. Melodic)
8.In the Cut (feat. Respect Da God)
9.The Waiting Game
10.Rippin It (feat. Melodic / Natural Bless)
11.Burial Of Sound Boys
12.Cash Out (feat. Elohem Star)
13.That Ahhh!
14.While You Wait (feat. Iomos Marad / Impress Staar)
15.Legendary Status
16.Soul Food (feat. Elohem Star / Respect Da God)
17.Turn of Events
18.Change Today

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