Factor - Lawson Graham LP

Factor - Lawson Graham LPFactor
Label: Fake Four
Year: 2010
Price: $13.95
Format: Vinyl

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The Canadian producer extraordinaire drops his second album listed solely in his name six months, following up 13 Stories and released on Fake Four Inc. Lawson Graham, is a sharp collection of melodic hip-hop that infuses elements of psychedelics, driving guitars and playful, tongue-in-cheek poetry as an ode to Factor's grandfather whose photo even graces the cover of the record. Featuring guest appearances by 2Mex, Sole, Barfly, Moka Only, Kirby Dominant, Myka9, Josh Martinez, Pigeon John, Ceschi and Def3.

1.Bengough Station
1.Preservation (feat. Myka 9 (Mikah 9))
2.Missed The Train (feat. Gregory Pepper)
2.Still Buildin (feat. Mike Marshall)
3.Ain't Nothin' Gonna Change (feat. Barfly / Heresy Mae)
3.Faris Wheel (feat. L*Roneous)
4.Every Morning (feat. Cars & Trains)
4.The Cover Up (Original) (feat. Knobody)
5.Living In A Vacuum (feat. Sole / Radical Face)
5.Tare Us Apart
6.Blown Away
6.Holla At Ya
7.Oh Oh Andy (feat. Nomad)
7.Understand (Solemn) (feat. L*Roneous / White Mic / Otayo Dubb / Agentstrik9)
8.Corner Stone
8.More Than Love (feat. Kirby Dominant)
9.Last Stand (feat. Bambu)
9.Mental Illness (feat. 2Mex)
10.Bullet2Spare (feat. JunonKoala)
10.PopStravaganza (feat. Josh Martinez)
11.They Don't Know (feat. Pigeon John)
11.What Ya Seein (feat. Z-Man)
13.Love It All (feat. Otayo Dubb / Nate)
13.Stoned As You
14.The Fall Of Captain E.O. (recorded 6/6/09) (feat. Ceschi)
15.Went Away (feat. Moka Only)
16.Not What They Seem
17.Battle Scars (feat. Def3)
18.Lawson Graham

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