Brenk X Fid Mella - Hi-Hat Club v4-Chop Shop LP

Brenk X Fid Mella - Hi-Hat Club v4-Chop Shop LPBrenk X Fid Mella
Label: Melting Pot Music
Year: 2010
Price: $21.95
Format: Vinyl

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Austria isn't exactly the epicenter of the beatmaking world but things are changing fast with producers like Dorian Concept, DJ Buzz, The Clonius and now Branko Jordanovic aka Brenk. The Wien-Kaisermuehlen homeboy is a Westcoast rap fanatic and hardcore producer. Although you can't pinpoint his sound yet, you'll know immediately when you are hearing a Brenk production. Westcoast Gangsta-rap and grimy Detroit rap are as present in his music as sweet soul music from the 60's and 70's, all chopped to the max and iced out with analogue Korg lines. After releasing the slept on instro Gumbo on Supercity in 2008, Brenk has worked with Westcoast pioneer King Tee, Detroit's Guilty Simpson, and has laced beats for an armada of Austrian MCs. Right now he is producing one half of the forthcoming new MC Eiht album on Year Round Records (Primo is doing the other half) and is working on S3 (Supa Soul S**t), a group he has formed with MPM singer Miles Bonny.

1.Brenk - 'Intro Transformation'
2.Brenk - 'Don't Fight It'
3.Brenk - 'Sign Skit'
4.Brenk - 'Cannibal Love'
5.Brenk - 'Concrete Jungle'
6.Brenk - 'Concrete Jungle Skit'
7.Brenk - 'Anutha Journey'
8.Brenk - 'Can't Stop Interlude'
9.Brenk - 'Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night'
10.Brenk - 'Crum Break'
11.Brenk - 'Ole Woam 2 (Aus Kaisamuehn In Die Woed)'
12.Brenk - 'Spread His Name Outro'
13.Fid Mella - 'Intro'
14.Fid Mella - 'Ready'
15.Fid Mella - 'The Game'
16.Fid Mella - 'Worms'
17.Fid Mella - 'Amateurs'
18.Fid Mella - 'Ha Ha Ha Ha'
19.Fid Mella - 'At The Chop Shop'
20.Fid Mella - 'Toni's Theme'
21.Fid Mella - 'Bada Bing'
22.Fid Mella - 'Follini'
23.Fid Mella - '1,2,3'
24.Fid Mella - 'Outro'

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