Louis Logic - Me & Everyone You Know CD

Louis Logic - Me & Everyone You Know CDLouis Logic
Label: Lush Life
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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Me & Everyone You Know is a collection of Louis Logic guest appearance songs gathered from adventures in collaboration with up and coming artists who are lesser known but deserving of greater shine. The collection was titled as such because it includes artists from all over the world. The album is a personal thank you to all the ambitious and talented up and coming artists who, over the past 3 years, helped contribute to the operation of the Louis Logic brand by orchestrating a collaboration. It is intended that this album will shine some light on a very deserving cast of creators using the good name built over the last 11 years worth of Louis Logic records.

1.Mdusu - 'Playing For Keeps' (feat. Louis Logic)
2.Bo Jankans - 'Right N Wrong' (feat. Louis Logic)
3.Anecdote - 'Natural Selection' (feat. Louis Logic)
4.Nocturnal Artist - 'What You Want' (feat. Ivan Ives / Louis Logic / Big Jess)
5.Bugz - 'The Lone Gunners' (feat. Louis Logic)
6.Lakai - 'Knock Knock' (feat. Louis Logic)
7.The Let Go - 'Party Crashers' (feat. Louis Logic)
8.Atari Blitzkrieg - 'Knock Knock Bastardface' (feat. Louis Logic)
9.Kawz - 'The Long Way Down' (feat. Louis Logic)
10.The Day Laborers - 'Confinement' (feat. Louis Logic)
11.Black Mask - 'Broken Record' (feat. Louis Logic)

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