DJ Spinna - Underground Forever CD

DJ Spinna - Underground Forever CDDJ Spinna
Label: Octave
Year: 2010
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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This is one of those times when you can say it's NOT an understatement! This is one of the dopest underground hip hop mixes put together and features some late 90's madness from then up-and-coming artists and many, of which are still obscure today, who have plenty of sought after releases that heads are still trying to track down on vinyl and/or CD! Some of these songs you probably haven't heard in a while, others you've probably been dying to hear again! This personal selection from Spinna features several tracks he was involved in as well, but overall it really embodies a movement we thought was groundbreaking for hip hop back then and ready to breach the surface but came up just short as some moved on and others stayed underground forever. Featuring tracks by The Juggaknots, L-The Head Toucha, AK Skillz, Shades of Brooklyn, Jigmastas, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ugly Duckling, J-Live, Godfather Don, with guests like Common, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Eminem (back then Em), Quasimoto and so much more! A little piece of underground history and nicely put together...well done, Sir Spinna, you've been knighted by hip hop!!!

1.DJ Spinna - 'Underground Forever (Intro)'
2.Juggaknots - 'Clear Blue Skies'
3.Godfather Don - 'Properties Of The Steel'
4.J-Live - 'Braggin' Writes'
5.Dutchmin - 'Get Your Swerve On'
6.L The Head Toucha - 'Too Complex'
7.AK Skills - 'Nights Of Fear'
8.The East Flatbush Project - 'Tried By 12'
9.Non Phixon - 'No Tomorrow'
10.Old World Disorder - '3hree6ix5ive' (feat. Eminem)
11.Ugly Duckling - 'Fresh Mode'
12.The Basement Khemist - 'Vibrate'
13.Natural Resource - 'Negro League Baseball'
14.Mike Zoot - 'High Drama feat. Mos Def' (feat. Mos Def)
15.Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'It Could Happen Anytime'
16.Street Smartz - 'Mental Thangz' (feat. Pharoahe Monch / OC)
17.Shadez Of Brooklyn - 'Survival Warz (When It Rains It Pours)'
18.Mr Voodoo - 'Lyrical Tactics'
19.Paula Perry - 'Paula's Jam'
20.Lace Da Booms=2 0 - 'Cut That Weak Shit' (feat. Quasimoto / Royal Flush)
21.Saukrates - 'Play This (Remix)' (feat. Common)
22.IG Off & Hazadous - 'This Ain't Livin'
23.Jigmastas - 'Beyond Real'
24.Money Boss Players - 'Players Pinnacle'
25.Greg Nice - 'Set It Off'

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