Blacastan - Master of Reality CD

Blacastan - Master of Reality CDBlacastan
Label: Brick Records
Year: 2010
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Blacastan's The Master Of Reality was originally slated as a Japanese-only tour CD, but then Brick decided to make a few hundred copies (packaged in a retro ''paste on'' style thick sleeve with obi card) available for very limited distribution in the US (with no digital version available). Once these are gone, they're gone - this CD will NOT be repressed. The full length CD mixed by DJ 7L Of The Bladerunners has 19 all new studio tracks with all original production from the likes of 7L (who also mixes and arranges the entire piece), Colombeyond, Esoteric, Apathy, DJ Doom, Blacastan himself and more. Vocal contributions come from Apathy, Columbeyond, Krumbsnatcha and Blac's Branch Davidians crew. This is a prelude and serves as what Blac calls ''the meal before the meal...'' referring to his upcoming full length opus entitled Blac Sabbath.

Production by 7L (tracks 1 & 6); Colombeyond (2, 3, 5, 12, 13, 17 & 18); Ox-Beats (4); DJ Doom (7); Joey Koresh (8 & 19); Blacastan (9); Apathy (10 & 15); Khrysis (11 & 16); Esoteric (14).

2.The Wire
3.The Villain
5.Dynamic Duo (feat. Colombeyond)
6.Warning - Blac In Your Face (Freestyle)
7.Stop Frontin'
8.One Life To Live
9.Change My Name (Interlude)
10.Why, Why, Why (feat. Apathy)
11.It's A Khrysis (feat. Krumbsnatcha / Lex)
12.Mirrors (feat. Nvus / Prestige)
13.Martyrs (feat. Colombeyond)
14.Macko's Theme
15.On and Off the Mic (feat. Apathy)
16.If You Only Knew (feat. Big Stat)
17.Ressy Dogs (feat. Colombeyond / Mad Flo)
18.Big East (feat. Mad Flo / Colombeyond / Steede Chinan)
19.Only the Real (feat. Correct 1 / Colombeyond)

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