Daedelus - Righteous FistsOf Harmony LP

Daedelus - Righteous FistsOf Harmony LPDaedelus
Label: Brainfeeder
Year: 2010
Price: $13.95
Format: Vinyl

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From Flying Lotus' new label Brainfeeder comes this limited edition LP release by Daedelus! Dedicated to the Chinese Boxer Rebellion and its resistance fighters. Signifying an end of beliefs, of lives, and of an era. The Righteous Fists of Harmony uprising took place in response to British imperialist expansion, growth of cosmopolitan influences and missionary evangelism in China between 1898 and 1901. It reflects a similar battle we have today against the constant race for new technology and forgetting about old values. The album finds the experimental producer in both familiar and unfamiliar territory, with music and sounds that echo previous work, but there is also quite a bit of worldly influence here as it plays more like a film score with a lot of lead-in and build-ups. On many tracks you can just feel his emotional attachment to the project. With only a couple tracks featuring vocals including one with his wife Laura Darlington, the voices heard are like more pieces to the puzzles and collages of beats, samples and other arrangements assembled to lay down each track. Seriously some of his best work!

1.An Armada Approaches
2.Tidal Waves Uprising
3.The Open Hand Avows
4.Order of the Golden Dawn (feat. Laura Darling)
5.The Finishing of a Thing
6.Succumbing To (feat. Kid A)
7.Stampede Me (feat. Amir Yaghmai)
8.Fin De Siecle

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