2Mex - Protect and Serve CDR

2Mex - Protect and Serve CDR2Mex
Year: 2010
Price: $9.95
Format: CDR

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200 hundred pressed tour CD's featuring unreleased tracks, classics and new material scheduled for his upcoming full length due out on Strange Famous Records! A couple tracks from the get go have a rough recording but we couldn't tell if the distortion was intended or not. The rest of the CD is solid!

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HUGE ripoff, March 19, 2010
By: cjlampwick - See all my reviews

this cd is a joke and waste of money especially to hardcore fans...first off more then just a couple tracks have distortion, its nearly half of the cd...and there are SO MANY recycled tracks i guess putting no track list is a slick way to fool hardcore fans into buyin this...and magically all the tracks i havent heard are the ones with annoying unlistenable distortion..

how many cd's do we need "metronome click" on? and what 2mex fan doesnt have the $martyr cd where we really need "green grass" on here? recycled tracks would be forgived if the cd wasn't literally defective...i wish i could get my money back

2mex is a cool dude i hate givin bad reviews, but someone needed to say somethin about this..and i hate to leave a bad review on access cuz they are hands down the best and fastest hip hop site..but this is just the at your own risk

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