Masta Killa - Live CD

Masta Killa - Live CDMasta Killa
Label: Gold Dust Media
Year: 2010
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Gold Dust is proud to present Live On Stage, the new live album by original Wu-Tang member Masta Killa and the first recorded concert effort from a member of the group in over five years. Live On Stage culls together some of the best verses the versatile rapper has offered in his 17-year career, ranging from his 2004 solo debut No Said Date and classic Wu-Tang albums to memorable spots on GZA's Liquid Swords and Legend of the Liquid Sword. Featuring guest appearances by GZA and Inspectah Deck, among others, Live offers new spins on tracks long embedded in the consciousness of most hip-hop fans and of course Wu-fanatics, including ''Duel of the Iron Mic'',' ''Guillotine'' and ''Mystery of Chessboxin''. Fans won't want to miss out! Also featuring guest appearances by Streetlife and Prodigal Son.

1.Sony West - ''Rock-Ola Ruby''
2.Reggie Perkins - ''High School Caesar''
3.Ray Sharpe - ''Monkey's Uncle'' (feat. Inspectah Deck / GZA)
4.Billy Nelson - ''Pack, Shack, And Stack''  (feat. GZA)
5.Nappy Brown - ''Open Up That Door''
6.Big Mama Thornton - ''Wade In The Water''
7.Chuck Flamingo - ''What's My Chances''
8.Bobby King - ''Thanks Mr. Postman''
9.Ernie Washington - ''Lonesome Shack'' (feat. Startel)
10.Willie Jones - ''Where's My Money''
11.Street Education (feat. Streetlife)
12.Whatever (feat. Streetlife / Prodigal Sunn)
14.Fam Members Only (feat. GZA)
15.Guillotine (Swordz) (feat. GZA)
16.Triumph (feat. Inspectah Deck / GZA)

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