Kista & 45 Prince - Crate Combination Vol.1 LP

Kista & 45 Prince - Crate Combination Vol.1 LPKista & 45 Prince
Label: Unique Records
Year: 2010
Price: $19.95
Format: Vinyl

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You are about to be schooled by two of the dopest self confessed vinyl junkies you may never haver heard or before. UK DJ/Graff artist Krista aka Crate Combination and German DJ/Producer the 45 Prince have been on the European scene since as far back as 1985, and have put their collective minds and crates together to create this wonderful love letter to hip hop. With the intention of bringing the music back to its roots, Crate Combination Volume 1 is a non-stop ride of funky beats and breaks hearken back to the best of what makes hip hop so loved around the world today. Expertly crafted by two DJ/Producers who know its universal language all too well. Co-produced with a little help from German duo Romanowski and Glammerlicious as well as featuring guest appearances by UK DJ Format, DJ Bazil of True Flavas Crew, Tableek (of Maspyke) and P.E.A.C.E of Freestyle Fellowship! Great album...bring on volume 2!

1.Brainwash (Intro)
2.Stupid Mutha (feat. Tableek (Maspyke))
3.Off the Beaten Track (Interlude)
4.Devils Shoes (feat. Sumkid / Rob Mackay)
5.Mirrors (Interlude)
6.Talk With God (Instrumental)
7.The Rusty Organ
8.Grandmaster Majere (feat. Sumkid)
9.Moonwalk (Outro)
10.Up To The C-Ling (Intro)
11.Pushin' To The Top Remix (feat. DJ Bazil / Tru Flavas Crew)
12.Diggin' Skit (feat. DJ Format)
13.Dope Love

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