Camu Tao - King of Hearts (used) CD

Camu Tao - King of Hearts (used) CDCamu Tao
Label: Definitive Jux / Fat Possum
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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Camu Tao's solo album, King Of Hearts, was released postumously by Definitive Jux in collaboration with Fat Possum Records, as announced by El-P on May 25, 2010: ''Two years ago today Tero ''Camu Tao'' Smith died after a grueling battle with cancer. He was a friend, a son, a brother, a groom to be and last but not least a brilliant producer, singer, rapper and entertainer. Words can not express the heartache that has been felt in the wake of his passing by those who loved and respected him.... In many ways KING OF HEARTS is a record of what could have been, a snapshot of an artist mid-evolution. In some ways it's a diary discovered in the belongings of a friend who passed away. Or maybe it's a scrap book of a master inventor with only half of the schematics of some incredible new invention detailed inside. You don't need to see the invention fully realized in order to recognize the magnitude of the creative force behind the sketches.''

Open copy played in our store. Near mint for disc and booklet. Slight wear on the surfaces and outer corners of the digipak.

1.Be a Big Girl
2.Bird Flu
4.Fonny Valentine
5.Actin a Ass
6.Get at You
7.Ind of the Worl
9.King of Hearts
10.Major Team
11.Plot a Little
12.The Moment
13.The Perfect Plan
14.Play O Run
15.When You're Going Down
16.Fuck Me

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MUUUUU!, August 10, 2010
By: Gino Felino - See all my reviews

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