Hulk Hodn+Twit+Suff Daddy - Hi-Hat Club vol. 1 & 2 CD

Hulk Hodn+Twit+Suff Daddy - Hi-Hat Club vol. 1 & 2 CDHulk Hodn+Twit+Suff Daddy
Label: Melting Pot Music
Year: 2010
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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Limited edition CD release of Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1 & 2 by Hulk Hodn (Huss & Hodn), Twit One (Fleur Earth Experiment) and Suff Daddy. Both volumes have only been available on LP so far. Due to the huge demand they are releasing them now on one CD. The Hi-Hat Club series is dedicated to the beat generation of today. Hulk Hodn and Twit One represent the new hip-hop soul sound of Cologne with their deep and dusty beats and are known from their work with Fleur Earth, Retrogott, Miles Bonny and Frank Nitt (Frank'n Dank). Berlin producer Suff Daddy is serving drunken boom-bap madness, dope beats, sick samples and twisted Mini-Korg licks, fueled with weed and Pilsetten.

1.Twit One - 'One for Bandini'
2.Twit One - 'Ahab vs. Tarantula'
3.Twit One - 'Mariquita'
4.Twit One - 'Dirty Face'
5.Twit One - '3rd'
6.Twit One - 'Windyridge'
7.Twit One - 'Diploma'
8.Twit One - 'Stereostalker'
9.Hulk Hodn - 'Autumn'
10.Hulk Hodn - 'Deetermeter'
11.Hulk Hodn - 'Essicati'
12.Hulk Hodn - 'Rawissue'
13.Hulk Hodn - 'Donstartnoshiat'
14.Hulk Hodn - 'Later'
15.Hulk Hodn - 'Orto Mio'
16.Hulk Hodn - 'Stinkendeleiche'
17.Hulk Hodn - 'Wedoeveryday'
18.Hulk Hodn - 'Sandig'
19.Hulk Hodn - 'Temptation'
20.Suff Daddy - 'Up In This Muthafucka'
21.Suff Daddy - 'Andros'
22.Suff Daddy - 'Now That You're Mine'
23.Suff Daddy - 'Chinatown Chill'
24.Suff Daddy - 'The Paper'
25.Suff Daddy - 'Vices'
26.Suff Daddy - 'Daddy'
27.Suff Daddy - 'Join The Club'
28.Suff Daddy - 'D.I. Luv'
29.Suff Daddy - 'Anti Swagger'
30.Suff Daddy - 'Like That'
31.Suff Daddy - 'Creepin'
32.Suff Daddy - 'S.Ex. (Suff Experiment)'
33.Suff Daddy - 'Isley Interlude'
34.Suff Daddy - 'Sip Liquor'
35.Suff Daddy - 'High Life'
36.Suff Daddy - 'One For Rawls'
37.Suff Daddy - 'Suff In China'
38.Suff Daddy - 'Chocolate Mountain'
39.Suff Daddy - 'Lottahydro'

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