Fela Kuti - Black Man's Cry CD

Fela Kuti - Black Man's Cry CDFela Kuti
Label: Now-Again Records
Year: 2010
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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Fela's music, and that of his organization inspired musicians across the global village when Afro-Beat was new and novel. In Nigeria, his countrymen knew his music like Americans know Elvis. On foreign shores, a chosen few Westerners could claim to know the extent of Fela's genius. This compilation focuses on the music Fela inspired - whether by fellow Nigerians recording alongside him in the early 70s, neighbors in Ghana, then-modern Colombian cumbia ensembles inspired by the man who injected a new feel into the Yoruban rhythms that formed cumbia's base, Trinidadian steel bands or the select few organizations left that have maintained Fela's fury in the new millennium. The CD is packaged in a hard-cover book, including 20 pages of extensive liner notes, color photos and annotation.

1.Cumbia Moderna De Soledad - 'Shacalao'
2.Dan Satch And His Atomic 8 Dance Band - 'Woman Pin Down'
3.6th Infantry Brigade Of The Nigerian Army - 'Black And Proud'
4.Bola Johnson - 'Hot Pants'
5.Segun Bucknor - 'Adebo'
6.Bola Johnson - 'Never Trust A Woman'
7.Jerry Hansen - 'Sisi Mi'
8.Lisandro Meza - 'Shacalao'
9.Lever Brothers Gay Flamingoes - 'Egbi Mi O/Black Man's Cry (Medley)'
10.Mosco Tiles Fonclaire Steel Orchestra - 'Black Man's Cry'
11.Sylvania East Side Symphony - 'Egbi Mi O/Black Man's Cry (Medley)'
12.Phirpo Y Sus Caribes - 'Comencemos'
13.Daktaris - 'Up Side Down'
14.Karl Hector And The Malcouns - 'Toure Samar'
15.Whitefield Brothers - 'Lullaby For Lagos'

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