Generik - For Those Who Know CD

Generik - For Those Who Know CDGenerik
Label: Giant Squid Records
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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One half of the highly touted San Diego duo, Left In Company alongside partner in rhyme Anek, beatboxer extraordinaire, producer, emcee Generik finally gets a solo album! ''For Those Who Know'' combines his skills as a beatboxer and as a sharp lyricist, often seen preforming at shows simply in freestyles and accapellas, the album itself is also produced almost entirely by Generik. ''Time is short so my contributions are presented in my love for the world, a gift of music wrapped in run on sentences'' - Generik. A triple threat and certainly one San Diego's most talented young artists on the rise! Word!

1.Open Exit
2.Mr. Opinion
3.Face Shots
4.The World Don't Sleep / Hermosa Dia
5.Lost & Found
6.The Scales (feat. Anek)
7.Jerry Lee Lewis
8.Doki Doki (feat. Anek)
9.Hand Over Your Mouth
10.Unlocks the Beauty (feat. Anek)
11.Swallowing Mirrors
12.Everything I Got (feat. Anek)
13.Your Gaia
14.Glory Hole
15.Organic Alchemy
17.School Yard terrorism
18.Get Over It
20.Those Who Know

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people who sit behind a screen to talk ish, February 15, 2010
By: GSR - See all my reviews

we heart haters

with a cover as psycho as that u would expect heat, February 6, 2010
By: - See all my reviews

but no, just another bunch of kids with weak beats and rhymes trying to look cool.

shit is garbage...
cover is not original idea, obviously bitten...

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