Jaysaun & DJ Revolution - Game of Breath CD

Jaysaun & DJ Revolution - Game of Breath CDJaysaun & DJ Revolution
Label: Brain On Drugs Music
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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Beantown legend Jaysaun was originally the front man for one of Boston's best groups, the Kreators. Last year he joined up with La Coka Nostra member Slaine and the legendary Edo G to form the supergroup Special Teamz. Fresh off the success of of their Duck Down debut release ''Stereotypez'', Jay's music appeared along with Special Teamz in Ben Affleck directed Gone Baby Gone (Miramax) film. With the new album ''Game of Breath'' Jaysaun collaborated with one of the world's best DJs by teaming up with L.A.'s DJ Revolution (Wake Up Show). Having worked together on Rev's album ''King of the Decks'', Special Teamz ''Big Top'' was the first single and video released on DJ Revolution's album, which garnered national attention coast to coast. Jay said ''All of the songs are previously unreleased, and I wanted the record to have that classic mixtape feel so I gave it to Revolution who mixed the entire project as well as provided exclusive remixes.'' The bonus unreleased Special Teamz track: ''UFC-Team Florian'' is the official ring music for UFC fighter Kenny Florian featuring production by DJ Revolution.

Produced by DJ Revolution, Pete Rock, DAMO (original Gangstarr), Explicit One and Arabian Knight.

1.Locker Room Intro
2.Cadillac Music
3.Close 2 Ur Soul
4.Simple Mathematics
5.Snake Decapitation (G2 Diss)
6.Crack Rocks and Jumpshots (feat. Ashy Knucks / S. Castro)
7.Big Love (Infidelities)
8.All On Ur Face
9.I Don't Believe That (Remix) (feat. Edo G / XL)
10.On Ur J.O.B.
12.Line Em Up
13.Grand Theft Auto
14.One, Two (Exclusive Remix)
15.Just Playing (feat. JY)
16.Special Teamz - 'UFC-Team Florian' (Bonus Track)

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