Gel Roc & Mascaria - The Void CD

Gel Roc & Mascaria - The Void CDGel Roc & Mascaria
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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Brand new from Gel Roc of EX2 with production again by Mascaria following up Laws and Flaws from 2006 and a special shout out to Ghostshrimp's cover art and the very bizarre explanation of The Void on the inside cover! Fans of LA2TheBay stuff and extended Shapeshifters family will definitely want get this.

2.Design 4 Death
3.Greater Universe
4.Hidden Message
5.Mission Control
6.World Within A World
7.Parallel Paradox
8.Planetary Calling
9.Dying Astronauts
10.Sounds, Words, Felt, Heard
11.Spoon of Death
12.Doors Of Perception
13.Death Machine
14.Creation Don't Stop
15.Don't Be Afraid
16.Space Toys
17.The Void
18.Dark Matter

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The Void..., January 22, 2010
By: Gel Roc - See all my reviews

The void is the great eternal ever-always. the birth of the present moment and the death of every dream that ever floated through the minds of millions marching backwards towards the future. if you subtract everything from nothing, at the speed of light, the square roof of the world is exponentially proportional to the weight of your forgone conclusions. all days are equal and every night is an abyss of darkest intentions. murder your relatives and bond with the atoms on the evening all creation gathers together to hums lullabies in your inner ear. you may think you've thought of everything, but you haven't even begun to clear the civilization from the perception of your childhood prescriptions. the devil is like time: is like evil: is like good: is like god. useful up to the point of belief in ones-self, and useless forever after. no man is an island, but every man is stranded when his minds eye is blinded. the last light house keeper was eaten by his ancestors before dusk. it's all a matter of relative perception when everyone you know has always been infected. there is no protection. breathing underwater is the single escape hatch, but there's a catch: you can only do that while you're dreaming. it's unavoidable. you will stumble upon your own dead body at least once. twice if you're lucky. and the second time you'll look around to locate the source of the laughter. and the very moment you realize its coming from your own corpse on the ground, will be the same moment you realize its coming out of your own mouth. and you'll be looking up at yourself, silhouetted by the planet earth far off in the distance. and when you watch yourself walk away into the sunburst, you will fully understand for the first time: you are the void.


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