Bastard Patriots - Bastard Patriots CD

Bastard Patriots - Bastard Patriots CDBastard Patriots
Label: Taxidermy Records
Year: 2009
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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1.War Machine
4.Freedom Isn't Free
7.The Good Word
8.End Game
9.Beyond Belief
10.Leave It Up To You
11.Water Damage
12.Blind Leading The Blind

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The Bastard Sons of Patriots, February 4, 2010
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When I first inserted the Taxidermy Records CD from the Bastard Patriots into my Mac book I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The album cover displayed the artists in overalls and cowboy hats flashing guns and waving the American flag. It instantly occurred to me that I might be in for a tongue lashing about how bad our country is and how we need to call for the almighty revolution. Despite my nervous tendencies towards Nationalistic cover art being directly linked to fascism and such things as World War II; I decided to give this album a listen.

As the first song, "War Machine", ran its course I was not impressed or totally disdained, but willing to endure a few more tracks before my final decision. Lyrics such as "when its time to attack, can he hold the ax, like a heart attack," left me rather disappointed and yearning for something more substantial. The Bastard Patriots spew anger towards our country's current condition in every song, but I don't feel compelled, just disturbed that I am listening to them. My girlfriend (an avid hip hop fan) made the comment, "Nobody wants to listen to this; its too angry for the ears."

I am not saying that passion and anger is bad, but it just wasn't constructed in a compelling way. I felt at times they were trying to duplicate sounds that Jedi Mind Tricks and Ill Bill have already established. Musically the album is mediocre at best. It lacks any catchy beats or rarely any deviation from the one bar loop. DJ Zone was responsible for the scratches on the record, but I lost faith in him when he kept scratching "What, What," at the end of track seven.

Creatively I was unimpressed by the Bastard Patriots CD. The album was lacking and was just another mediocre hip-hop album soon to be in the sale bin at your local record store. Creativity is found within one's self, not in duplicating sounds that are already there. I look for that special personalized sound in every album I listen to, but I didn't find it in the Bastard Patriots. I will probably pass on their next release and forget about the Bastard Patriots all together.

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