Warcloud (The Holocaust) - Nightmares that Surface CD

Warcloud (The Holocaust) - Nightmares that Surface CDWarcloud (The Holocaust)
Label: Chambermusik Records
Year: 2009
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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Holocaust (under his other name Warcloud) at long last drops ''Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep'' as the first of two now legendary ''street tapes'' that were intended originally to spread the word about the West Coast Wu- Tang lyrical giant. At the time, The Holocaust was renamed Warcloud to galvanize a fan-base for his officially released albums that never actually happened. And so these compilations of earth shattering lyrical styles and tripped-out grimy beats became the only standing testimonials to the true greatness of this underground artist. Featured here alongside him are The Black Knights, Da Monstar Mob, Northstar and Suga Bang. The producer and creator of most of this incredible music is none other than Skarekrow, of Monstar Mob. Included on this first time ever ''official'' release, is a bonus track of previously unreleased material featuring Da Monstar Mob with Warcloud.

Produced by Skarekrow (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 13, 15, 16); Uno (2); 6 Mil (5); Item #1 (7-10, 12); Tariq (11); Halo (14).

2.Island of Dr. Warcloud
3.Ghost Pirates: Old Los Angeles (feat. Skarekrow)
4.Strawberry Cream Champaigne (feat. Crisis / Monk (of the Black Knights))
5.Something Is Going To Make Me Smack This Bitch (feat. Kurupt / Black Knights / Sandman)
6.The Beer Song
7.Old Toy Room / A Pie In The Window (Food For Thought)
8.Vicious Killer Beez (feat. Suga Bang Bang / NorthStar)
9.The Renaissance (feat. Leviathan / Mantra)
10.In The Hall of the Warrior King
11.Chanel Warcloud
12.Mad Axes
13.Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans & Records (feat. Skarekrow / Leviathan)
14.Falling Hammer
15.Fever Dream
16.Stay Wit' It

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